Boiler Pressure Parts

BEV is capable of manufacturing boiler pressure parts such as water walls, economizers, superheaters, reheaters, steam / mud drums,  blow down tanks, condensers, HP / LP heaters, headers, finned tube boiler modules, critical piping etc. BEV has been authorized by ASME to manufacture boilers and components under ‘S’ Stamp. “BEV is an approved shop under Indian Boiler Regulations 1950 for manufacture of boilers and boiler pressure parts”


BEV has a team of competent design associates, design checker and draftsmen experienced in the field. We have arrangements for piping stress analysis and flexibility analysis supplemented by custom built spread sheets and Autocad for drafting. All materials of construction are chosen to meet code and client requirements.


We have a wide range of equipment such as pipe profile cutters, orbital beveling, chamfering and facing machines, band saws and power saws, column and boom, positioners of various capacities, SAW machines, FCAW machines, high frequency inverter based SMAW / GTAW machines etc. We have an extensive range of WPQRs to ASME Sec IX covering a wide range of materials, thicknesses, processes and other supplementary variables.


In addition, WPQRs to suit any custom requirements including Client specifications can be developed and qualified within a short turnaround time. All our welders and welding operators are certified to ASME Sec IX by recognised third party certification agencies such as Bureau Veritas or TUV. Of special mention is our exotic welding capability – i.e., welding of titanium, inconel, incolloy, hastelloy, monel, Cu Ni, duplex, super duplex, SMO (6% Mo) etc. We have an extensive range of special equipment such as high frequency power source and fixtures for internal purging, trailing etc. Exotic metals are handled using stringent material control and handling procedures and work is carried out in controlled environment. We have post weld heat treatment facility also. For PWHT of large quantities of spools, we build temporary furnace. Hydro testing, pneumatic testing or vacuum testing can be done. We have a fully enclosed steel grit blasting facility, and air less spray painting facility, including special equipment for internal blasting and application of special coatings like Belzona and Ceramkote. Facilities for hot dipped galvanizing are available within reach. Non destructive testing such as radiography, ultrasound etc. and material testing at NABL accredited testing facility is also available within reach.


Management team has extensive experience in the heavy engineering industry within and outside India, especially boiler pressure parts work with power plant majors such as BHEL. We have competent QC Inspectors, AWS/CSWIP 3.1/3.2 Certified Welding Inspectors and BGAS Grade II Painting Inspectors. In short, you are assured of a truly world class service within India. For a list of boiler pressure parts projects recently executed / in progress, click here.