Here is a brief list of the measuring and testing instruments owned by BEV and being used in its plant. This is not an exhaustive list and we continue to add new instruments all the time. All instruments have valid calibration traceable to national / international standards.

Description Make Size / Range
Vernier Caliper, dial type Mitutoyo 0-300 mm
Vernier Caliper, dial type Mitutoyo 0-150 mm
Internal Dial Caliper Mituotoyo 10-35 mm
Outside micrometer Mitotoyo 0-25 mm
Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo 25 – 50 mm
Outside Micrometer, Ball-Anvil Type Mitutoyo 0-25 mm
UT Thickness Gauge Abest 1.5-200 mm
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Modsonic 2 to 200 mm & 1 to 25 mm
Bore Gauge Mituotoyo 18-35 mm & 35-60 mm
Thread Plug Gauge Baker
Welding Gauge Power Weld 0-20 mm
Electronic Total Work Station Leica, Switzerland 1 sec LC, 5 sec accuracy
Digital Clamp Meter Mastek 1000 AC/DC
Digital Clamp Meter with IR thermometer and K type thermocouple Extech
Wet Film Gauge Elcometer 25-2,000 Microns
Coating Thickness Gauge Elcometer 0-1,500 Microns
Coating Thickness Gauge Yuyutsu 0 to 600 microns
Surface Profile Gauge Mituotoyo 0-1000 Microns
Coating Holiday Detector Doktor 0 to 10 KV, DC Pulse type
Coating Adhesion Tester Elcometer 500 microns
Whirling Hygrometer Elcometer
Lux Meter Lutron 0-50,000 Lux
Densitometer Optel 0-4; with step wedge calibration film
Radiation Survey Meter EECI 0.1 to 10 mR/Hr
Dye Penetrant Kit
Magnetic Particle Testing Machine, Prods type EECI 2000 Amps
Residual Field Indicator (Gauss Meter) USA 0-10 G
Ultraviolet Light for Fluorescent MPI/DP EECI 5 kg
U Tube Manometer Action 300 mm WC
Calibrated pressure gauges H Guru Various ranges
Gas Detector for ambient oxygen Honeywell 1
Dead Weight Tester Systems Engineers 2 to 250 kg/cm2
Portable Leeb Hardness Tester (Digital) Samsonic HRC: 19.8 ~ 68.5, HB: 30 ~655, HV: 80~976; HRB: 13.5 ~ 99.6, HSD: 26.4 ~ 99.5; Mpa: 375 ~ 2639