With its extensive experience in the Middle East with multi national and national companies in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, BEV understands the importance of surface preparation and application of anti corrosion / anti erosion coatings and places high significance to this phase of each project.

BEV has a high end totally enclosed grit blasting room of size 16 M (L) x 8 M (W) x 6 M (H) with automatic grit dispensing, recovery and recycling systems and a dust collection system to Euro III norms. The complete system is imported from Hodge Clemco, UK, the world leader in grit blasting systems. A 55 KW Screw Compressor delivers 300 CFM oil free compressed air at 7.5 bar. A custom built air receiver of 5 CuM capacity and a refrigerant air drier of 350 CFM capacity ensures supply of clean dry air for grit blasting. The system has 4 blast pots each of 200 lit capacity with tungsten carbide nozzles and safety paraphernalia such as dead man’s handle, blaster’s helmet, full body coverall etc. We use a combination of GL 25 angular steel grit of 60 HRC and steel shots to achieve Sa 2 ½ or Sa 3 finish.

BEV has airless spray painting system of Graco, USA make (60:1) for high build applications. BEV is capable of applying high end erosion resistant coatings such as Belzona 1391, special marine coatings, glass flake coating etc.

BEV has an entire array of measuring and testing instruments related to surface preparation and coating. This includes surface profile gauge, coating thickness (DFT) gauge, WFT gauge, coating holiday detector, coating adhesion tester, humidity gauge etc., all with valid calibration traceable to NABL standards.

BEV has competent personnel for quality surveillance and quality assurance of surface preparation and coating processes. This includes a competent BGas 2 Coating Inspector, in-house trained QC Inspectors and technicians.

In short, you are assured of a world class service with respect to surface preparation and coating application

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