BEV looks upon its suppliers, subcontractors and service providers (suppliers, for short) as partners in the process of value addition. BEV follows a simple procedure for registration of prospective suppliers. All prospective suppliers of goods and services are required to register first.

How to register?

Click here to fill the supplier registration form.

Please ensure all questions relevant to your scope are answered correctly and truthfully.

Read our disclaimer on registration.

We require all our suppliers and service providers to comply with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Compliance is mandatory.


Our Procurement Policy

We do not look for cheap products. We look for quality products and services at the most competitive prices possible. While submitting a quote, please ensure:

  • That you understand the requirements clearly. Especially material traceability, certification requirements etc. are very important for us. If there is any doubt in our requirements, please do not assume. Ask.
  • That you submit your quote by email as quickly as possible. If you consistently delay your quotes, you may be dropped off our Approved Suppliers List.
  • That you always give your best possible price and terms, right at the first instance itself. If quote higher, expecting us to contact you for a bargain, it may not always happen. In many instances, if your price and terms are not competitive at the first instance, your quote may not get considered.
  • That the delivery time you quote is realistic and achievable. We take your delivery commitments very very seriously. Repeated slippages in delivery may result in dropping off our Approved Suppliers List.

After you have won an order, please ensure:

That all requirements in the purchase order are strictly complied with.

  • That delivery is accompanied by applicable legal documents such as tax invoice etc. (as applicable).
  • That delivery is accompanied by all applicable technical documents (mill test certificates, dimensional certificates, acceptance certificate, warranty certificate, operation / maintenance manual etc.) at the time of delivery.
  • Your product or service is delivered within the agreed time. We do not tolerate delays and view them seriously.
  • If there is any non conformity in the delivered product or service, please resolve it diligently. We do not bury or wish away any non conformities. We work hard to resolve them. We expect our suppliers to do the same.
  • We have a system of continuously evaluating the performance of our suppliers against our expectations and agreed requirements. We expect our suppliers to put in their best efforts each time, all the time.

When you visit us:

  • Always ask for an appointment. We do not encourage gate crashers.
  • When you have got an appointment, be on time. If you are likely to be delayed for an appointment, we expect you to call us and inform beforehand. We value your time as much as we value ours.
  • If you are likely to visit our factory building, please wear appropriate personnel protective equipment. Safety shoes, safety goggles and safety helmet are a minimum requirement. Whilst we keep a minimum stock of safety goggles and safety helmets for visitors, we expect our suppliers / service providers to bring their own.
  • Smoking, spitting and chewing of tobacco (or pan masala, gutkha etc.) in any form is prohibited within our premises.
  • Stop at the gate, register yourselves and get a visitor’s pass.
  • If you are driving in, do not exceed 20 km/hr within our premises.


Corporate Office and
Plant :

GPS Coordinates :

22 9’57.19”N, 72 58’2.91”E


Design and Engineering Office :

GPS Coordinates :

22° 15' 58.08096"N, 73° 11' 50.82252" E

All visitors must wear face mask and must not remove or lower it whilst in the premises (except while eating or drinking)
All visitors must maintain physical distance of at least 1.5 M whilst in the premises.
We check the skin temperature of all visitors without exception. If the skin temperature is above 38 deg C (99 degF), the visitor is refused entry.
We also observe for any conspicuous sign of cough, running nose, allergies etc. in our visitors and may refuse entry on this ground.
All visitors clean their palms with sanitiser at the point of entry. Dispenser is automatic, contactless.
Sanitiser bottles are kept at various spots in the office. Make use of it.
Liquid soap is kept in all wash rooms. Make use of it.
Disinfectant spray is copiously used in all spots where people gather, such as dining hall, canteen, wash rooms etc.
We take Covid-19 threat seriously. We assure all our visitors that we are committed to maintain our premises safe for all our stakeholders.
If you notice any unsafe condition practice, kindly alert your contact person in BEV immediately.

Our Certifications